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My flagship course based on the 7-step COURAGE model. In this course, I share my personal hands-on experience from working 35 years with transatlantic export topics.
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I Will Help You Succeed In Your Export Venture

My name is Charlotte Nytoft and I’ve been working with export and international relations my entire career and I’m excited to share my 35+ years’ experience with you because I want you succeed and enjoy working cross borders as much as I’ve loved every opportunity I’ve been trusted throughout the years. My entire career is spent working internationally with sales, procurement, public affairs and management consulting. I’ve worked with 100s of businesses and helped them succeed with their export venture.


"Did you know that exporting companies are more resilient in times of change and crises? Being exposed to fierce competition abroad makes companies stronger on their home market."


The price of this course is only $799, which is much less than a failed export venture, a bad deal with a distributor, or failing to price your product appropriately.


What you'll get:

  • Critical insights that will help you become part of the 50% of export ventures that lead to long term sales 
  • Advice on how to spend your market-research budget wisely 
  • Charlotte's decades of export experience boiled down to 9 modules that'll help you navigate around the most common pitfalls
  • An applicable model that will assist you in your concept test


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A Model Based On My Experience - The COURAGE Model

I’m sharing so you will be able to navigate safely around the typical pitfalls associated with venturing out into a new export market, reduce time to market and get a positive return on your export investment earlier compared to a trial and error approach.

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years from working hands-on with all aspects of developing successful business in the U.S. market and the European market - so that’s what my Masterclass is focused on: Transatlantic trade and the examples I share are gained from my hands-on experience in working with many companies in those two markets. The Masterclass will have it’s offset in the model I’ve developed: The COURAGE Model which makes sure you look into the most important aspects as you’re preparing yourself and your company to launch on a new market:

  • C  Customer Insight
    Creating a concept test to understand your ideal customer’s needs, behavior, and expectations.

  • O  Obsessed with local markets
    Neither the US nor the EU is ONE market. Nor do you need them to be. Identify your best entrance market.

  • U  Unfold cultural differences
    Dive deep into understanding where mindset and practices differ from your home market.

  • R  Right Setup
    Specify the customer journey and how to set up the value chain and team to best serve your new market and optimize long-term profitability.

  • A  Around the Clock
    No matter how you slice it, it's a 24/7 commitment to move outside your time zone.

  • G  Generate Relations
    Build and maintain your network to identify the cheerleaders who will help to bring your business success.

  • E  Exponential Growth and Exit
    Outline the strategic steps to enter, scale, and exit your export venture.