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Imagine the feeling of great accomplishment when, around this time next year, your products are nominated as “best foreign innovation” on a future trade show or featured in a trade publication. Yes, I know. It’s a pretty amazing feeling.


Applying the COURAGE model and best practices I’ve outlined in this book gives you a really good foundation for developing a successful export project.


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Dr. Judith Frith

"I found this book to be a great starting point when it comes to exporting to Europe, or exporting from Europe to the US. It poses a lot of useful questions that can help you define a value proposition that fits local market conditions, and identify customers in the new country who might differ from customers in your home market."

Ole Nørtoft

"I strongly suggest reading “EXPORT ACROSS THE POND” by Charlotte Nytoft if you are contemplating taking your products or services from the US to Europe or the other way round."

Alice M. Gruber

"Charlotte Nytoft lays out an easy-to-understand plan for successful export. So often, European companies and US companies believe that if they speak the language of the country, that will be enough for a successful startup. But the language is only the first stepping stone."

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