Publishing my Book - The Journey

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2020

I just published my book "Export Across the Pond" and I want to take you behind the scenes and share the journey that started with a blank sheet of paper early July. I've received a lot of curious questions as to the process that enabled me to publish the book in just four months. 

First I outlined the target audience and my key messages. Then I started creating the structure for the content of the book. I took a lot of notes and went back to my many webinars to add to my notes as I was preparing to record the content as this is the format used my amazing book coach Malene Bendtsen. 

Voila - the first draft appeared. 

Then we worked on the cover page and the designer made a lot fo great suggestions and made it hard for me to make a choice as they all conveyed my message. But I liked the flying box and we continued to build on that image and after a few itteriations we settled on the design in the final version. And then the book is ready - and available on Amazon. 

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